Wellness Tune ups & Packages 

From fitness to wellness, from acrobatics to therapeutics hire Jason to create unique, uplifting and empowering sessions for you. He has worked with many celebrities, professional athletes and people from all over the world. You can book a session to learn how to do handstands, build your strength and flexibility, to receive a healing treatment, or support in life balance.  

Wellness tune ups are one off treatments or sessions designed to give you a boost, help you feel great and learn more about what Jason can offer you. Packages are a deep dive into how you can be supported to reach your wellness goals. Sessions are $700/hr or $4500 for a 10 pack of sessions that are valid for 3 months. 

Thai & Fly Treatments

Jason has developed a very unique treatment style that brings his skill as an acrobatic together with a blend of healing modalities. He traveled the world for a decade, seeking out masters to study with in traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, Thai massage and chiropractics.  Jason has many tools to help you release, relax and feel your best.

Custom Yoga and Qigong Sequence

Once your goals are clear, Jason can design a 15-60min practice that will help you self source your wellness. This in combination with acrobatic training and therapeutic treatments is often the wining combo so both self practice and private sessions help to unlock your potential much faster. 

Handstand and Acrobatic Training

Acrobatics teaches us how to grow our courage, our potential and our ability to trust ourselves and others. By doing this training you will become more balanced, aware of your body and more skillful in how you utilize your body, mind and will.


Wellness Packages with Dr. Maria De Franco, Dr. Becca Krauss & Dr. Scott Blossom

Life balance is quite possibly one of the most important aspects to live a long and happy life. See what Jason and and his team of specialists can do for your overall wellness and life balance.

Steps towards optimizing your Life Balance customized Wellness Packages

Dr. Maria is a holistic chiropractor with many tools that can disrupt and balance the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Becca is steeped is a Chinese Medicine doctor and medical qigong teacher. Dr. Scott is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Ayurvedic Doctor with decades of experience helping his patients reclaim their vitality. Jason will do an intake and build a plan with clear goals and ways to measure your progress. It starts with your intake and will continue as they build out your personalized plan. The investment is variable depending on scope and duration.

Step One; Schedule an intake call 

Step Two; Fill out your life balance intake form before our intake meeting

Step Three; After the intake meeting, complete and submit your one week log of food, sleep, work, and exercise

Step Four; Schedule your second call to talk through your balance plan 

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