I love to bring people together

Get ready to move and be moved

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I want to live in a world where strangers from different cultures can become friends through the joy of playfulness. Seeing people shift their beliefs about themselves, each other and the world is what motivates me. I am forever amazed at how a first AcroYoga flight can dissolve barriers of language and country, or how one improvement on a handstand can invigorate new possibilities of strength, balance, and progress.

Free Training Videos

The AcroYoga Inversions

All you need to leverage your strengths and break through your struggles with inversions. This unique and systematic approach will give you the keys you need to set your inversions free!

AcroYoga Acrobatics
Solar Poses and Spotting

Yes, you can do it! Back bird, throne, star and other foundational and strengthening acrobatic poses. All you need to learn before you head out to a nearby park to practice safely and have fun.

AcroYoga Therapeutics
Lunar Flying Sequence

Learn to use gravity, sensitivity, and kindness in this “High Flying Whale” sequence. Both the giver and receiver will feel more full and balanced through this practice that draws from AcroYoga and Thai massage principles.


Private Therapeutic sessions and Acrobatic coaching (live or skype). Prices start at $499. Inquire below for more information.