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Welcome to Eutopia: A Journey to Optimal Wellbeing

Embark on an amazing quest for wellness in Bali, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to create a paradise of vitality and transformation. 
  • What: Optimize your health, wellbeing, and fitness in the serene landscapes of Bali. Get expert care from your personal team of world-renowned doctors, healers and movement masters.
  • When: January 22-29th, 2025.¬†
  • Where: Enjoy the luxurious comforts of a 5-star riverfront resort in the tropical forests Ubud, Bali.
  • Investment: Elevate your life with a 7-day retreat for $30,000
  • Who: A group of 8 guests and a team of 12 doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, movement teachers, bodyworkers, and magicians.

Get Ready to Thrive: Start your journey with in-depth intake sessions prior to Eutopia, including blood work  Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine assessments and your current movement capacity. Once we understand what is valuable to you our team will start building out your wellness package.

Dream Big, Plan Smart: Enjoy a discovery call to help us uncover more layers to design your optimal human blueprint. With expert medical and movement coaching we will set  measurable goals that will guide how we fill our time together in paradise. 

Dive Into Eutopia: Immerse yourself in an array of movement and mindfulness practices supported by a perfect blend of world class Eastern and Western treatments. Eutopia is the primer place to balance your body, mind, and soul.

Metrics of Success: We use scientific biometrics to track our effectiveness, monitoring key indicators like HRV, sleep scores, blood pressure, blood work, body fat, O2 levels, and breath holds. Our movement and yoga team will help you improve your flexibility, strength, agility and balance.

Craft Your Daily Blissipline: Our therapists will work with the movement team to offer hands-on adjustments during morning practices. In addition to your daily movement you will choose from many different adventures depending on your passions.  Learn to move joyfully with your body daily with accountability and support.

Take These Gains Back Into Your Life: Leave Bali with a comprehensive report highlighting your progress and offering tips for continued wellness optimization. Share this report with any Western medical doctor or bodyworker so they understand your strengths and areas needing support.

Secure Your Space: Don't miss out on this life-changing journey towards optimal wellbeing. Your path to Eutopia awaits.

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