Embark on an amazing quest for wellness in Bali, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to create a paradise of vitality and transformation.

Led by Director and Movement Master Jason Nemer, and joined by top experts in Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Breathwork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Traditional Balinese treatments and more.

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“Biohacking’s Higher Self”

Jason and Dina Design will design Custom Holistic Health  Packages that will transform your life. By using cutting edge of bodywork, breath-work and lifestyle design.

Choose from individual or couples packages that help you reach your wellness goals. Once you define what you are wanting Jason and Dina can get you there.


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Wellness Packages

Your path to achieving wellness is supported by through intake process, goal setting, hands on teaching and treatments accountability calls, and online resources. 

Jason founded AcroYoga and developed a unique treatment style that blends acrobatics with other healing modalities. Dina is a breath work teacher and holistic health councilor that was trained by Wim Hoff and Dr. Paul Chek

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Tim Ferris

"Jason is an incredible character who travels the world with next to nothing. He introduced me to my latest obsession--AcroYoga."

Four Sigmatic

"Jason Nemer introduced our team to the world of Acro Yoga where we gained self-awareness, trust and empowerment individually and collectively. Our team climbed, stretched, reached and steadied one another through a series of customized outdoor sessions that left us joyfully invigorated throughout our team retreat. An infectious leader, a creator of connection, and a master of physical communication - you won’t want to miss a moment of learning and laughing with Jason!"