Wellness Packages

Enjoy Custom Holistic Health Life Design.
Your will start withĀ through intake process, leading to goal setting, healing treatments, and accountability calls.Ā 
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Sessions can consist of many elements, here are a few;
Partner; Yoga, Acrobatics Massage, Affirmations, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Celebrations, and More
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Embark on an amazing quest for wellness in Bali
Experience a mix of ancient healing practices and modern methods, meticulously designed to optimize every part of your wellbeing.
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Invest in your Well Being 

There is nobody else that has more experience or a depth of understanding of the power of the AcroYoga practice than Jason. From fitness to wellness, from acrobatics to therapeutics he can create unique, uplifting and empowering sessions for you. He has worked with many celebrities, professional athletes and people from all over the world. You can book a session to learn how to do handstands, build your strength and flexibility, to receive a healing treatment, or support in life balance.  

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Invest in your Relationships

Many people start doing AcroYoga because it is fun and looks amazing on social media! Often a few sessions in they find out that their communication and listening skills are improving in their everyday interactions. When partners learn to trust and play with each other their bonds grow and deepen. This service is for any two people that want to learn how to move, connect and play in new ways in service of strengthening their relationship.

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Eutopia AwaitsĀ 

Get Ready to Thrive: Start your journey with in-depth intake sessions, including blood work and evaluations inspired by Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Our movement team will create a personalized experience just for you based on your current level and your wellness goals.

Dream Big, Plan Smart: Team up with our medical and movement experts to set personalized, measurable goals that match your wellness goals. Join a discovery call with members of the team to uncover more layers to design your optimal human blueprint.

Dive Into Eutopia: Immerse yourself in an array of movement and mindfulness practices supported by a perfect blend of world class Eastern and Western treatments. Eutopia is a good place to balance your body, mind, and soul.

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