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Our Foundation Course is the premier course for beginner + intermediate students who are ready to start or refine their practice.

We have distilled the magic of AcroYoga into simple, accessible steps you can start taking right away. Once you complete this course you will unlock the full online library! 

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From AcroYoga Co-Founder Jason Nemer comes the World's First Book on AcroYoga...

MOVE, CONNECT, PLAY: The Art & Science of AcroYoga

Get ready to see wellness, fitness, and human connection from a whole new light.

Drawing from the wisdom of masters in acrobatics, therapeutics and yoga, AcroYoga Co-Founder Jason Nemer reveals the tools for better health and a more joyful life are available right in your hands and feet.

Nemer distills the most approachable practices and principles to expand your understanding of 10 key areas—strength, flexibility, balance, breath, technique, inversions, mind, emotions, relationships, and sustainability.

With a wealth of eye-opening stories and philosophies that bring humor and fun to the practice, MOVE, CONNECT, PLAY will have you thinking, feeling and moving easier for years to come.


Activate the Science of AcroYoga in your home with the AcroYoga Table of Elements

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Jason Nemer is a world-champion acrobat and the Co-Founder of AcroYoga. Jason’s work was featured in New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans.

He has coached Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, actress Ashley Judd, and many other top performers. Jason has also brought AcroYoga’s team-building methods to companies like Google, FourSigmatic, Summit Series and TrueX.

By age 16 he had won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics. At 21 he realized his dream of performing at the Olympic Games. When he discovered yoga and Thai massage, he began fusing the key elements that would one day become this global practice.

Since then Jason has dedicated his life to uniting communities through the power of AcroYoga. His motivation is rooted in the belief that through fun and connection, AcroYoga can empower all people no matter their ability, age, race or background. 

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